5 Best Facial Steamers In India You Can Buy Right Now

You may have seen many advertisements in television and newspaper for night creams, face creams, soap, face wash etc. to make your face skin looking better, but believe me, nothing is more beneficial that facial steamers. They have positive effects on the health of facial skin with no side effects.

What the facial steamer does is it opens the skin pore and removes makeup, the dirt and other debris stuck in the skin out. Not only that the facial streaming helps in improving the health of face skin, but it also improves blood circulation of skin cells. Now I am going to explain all 5 best facial steamers below:

5 Best Facial Steamers In India

Dr. trust Home SPA Facial Steamer & Vaporizer

It is one of the best options if you are looking for good facial steamers. It is designed in such a way to give good benefits of steam to your facial skin with an opportunity of adding essential oils to the water. The essential oils have various types of natural advantages.

Best Facial Steamers

Key Features:

  1. Can be used on the normal, oily, dry, combination & sensitive skin types.
  2. Soothing steam penetrates sinus, nasal, throat passages naturally.
  3. Healthcare benefits – warm, moist steam relieves cold and cough.
  4. Gentle steam opens clogged pores and rejuvenates your skin.
  5. Provides vapor therapy for colds, flu, bronchitis.

HealthSense FS550 Nano-Cure Facial Steamer

It is the only facial steamer that comes with an ultraviolet lamp to sterilized steam and it ensures good proper hygiene. Apart from that, it has many other features such as steam cycle, fast, and auto off.

Best Facial Steamers

Key Features:

  1. UV sterilized hot steam
  2. Silent operation & auto-off
  3. Lightweight & portable
  4. Consistent & wide steam flow covers the entire face
  5. Health benefits – Alleviates sinusitis, allergies, rhinitis

Upscale Nano Ionic Hot Mist Facial Steamer

Upscale Nano Ionic Hot Mist Facial Steamer is professional beauty equipment with High-end Stylish design that generates full-powered steam under 30 seconds. Its advanced ultrasonic atomizer works silently & effectively turn distilled water into micro-fine particles and produce a powerful, consistent mist. It is an ideal gift for girlfriend, wife, mother and other loved ones.

Best Facial Steamers

Key Features:

  1. Effectively clear blackheads, acne, and fat granule.
  2. Capable to soften the cuticle, restore smooth, delicate skin.
  3. It can also humidify room & warm towels for ultimate refreshment.
  4. It is suitable for all kind of skin – Oily, dry, normal, combination or sensitive skin.
  5. Effectively kills skin bacteria & provides relief from sinus symptoms.

Newnik V108 Vaporizer/Steam Inhaler

Newnik V108 Vaporizer/Steam Inhaler is a beautiful steam vaporizer to fit every family member. Its innovative steam inhalers help you breathe easier while adding a stylish touch to any room. This provides personalized and convenient aromatherapy treatment. Also, Newnik V108 Vaporizer/Steam Inhaler keeps your skin radiant & feels soft & smooth.

Best Facial Steamers

Key Features:

  1. Warm, moist steam relieves persistent cold and cough.
  2. Ideal treatment prescribed as steam therapy for health and beauty.
  3. Open pores for deep skin cleansing & free it from impurities.
  4. Helps in parched throat & chest congestion to breathe more comfortably.

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  1. This was such a nice post! That facial steamer looks and sounds like something I need right now! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Melanie Frost | March 23, 2019 at 8:25 pm | Reply

    I love using facial steamers when I get a headcold or have sinus trouble. These are some great models!

  3. These look so relaxing!!! I love the ones that have a wider opening! I feel like they would distribute the steam better:)

  4. I have bookmarked Newnik on my amazon account, will be ordering shortly…

  5. Facials streamers are what I need right now. I was looking for which brand to go for but with this post, I think I found one. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Czjai Reyes-Ocampo | March 24, 2019 at 2:16 pm | Reply

    A steam inhaler is a good investment, especially if you have asthma or allergic rhinitis, or if you have kids that are prone to colds and cough.

  7. Never tried a face steamer! I heard it has good benefits. But I have to try first!

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